Orchids – Aerides, Listrostachys,


Epiphyten, almost exclusively tropical Asia. Warm, wet, lots of light, no pronounced rest period, usually getting quite big. 1, 2a-2c.

A. odoratum, II/III/W. In the event that, Indonesia, Philippines. Trunk upright, two lines densely leafed, leaves 20 cm long, 4-5 cm wide. Inflorescences in racemes, Flowers white with red tips, fragrant. 7-9.


Epiphyten, Africa and Madagascar. Warm, high humidity, lots of light, no pronounced rest period. 1, 2a-2c.

A. inlaid, III/W. Madagascar. Trunk upright, to 1 m high. leaves 40-50 cm long, 5 cm wide. Flowers dense in clusters of 8-15 flowers, white-greenish, Lip white. 10-11.

A. eichlerianum, II/W. Tropical West Africa. Trunk narrow, to 1 m high. Leaves oblong-elliptical. Flowers mostly solitary, yellow-green, Lip white. 6-9.

A. sesquipedale, III/W. Madagascar. Trunk strong, to 1 m high. Leaves up 30 cm long, 4-5 cm wide. blossoms 2-4 in bunches, approximately 12 cm wide, ivory white, Sporn 20-30 cm long. 12-2.

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