From this passing of beauty the fruit arises – part 2

Invisible to the naked human eye, the germination in the natural location takes place, the union of the seed with the obstetrician-playing root fungi. Your hyphae – Filaments of the fungal mycelium – grow into the seed through special inlet cells and supply the embryo with moisture and nutrition through the existing connection of the hyphae chain to the outside. You are the wet nurse for him. Only now does germination begin, and with it the life of the future plant. The germinating fungi later find a home in their roots, securing their existence against the rigors of the environment. The imitation of these processes, the symbiosis between orchid and root fungus, is extremely complicated. They are rarely used in rearing. The presence of the fungus is no longer required; its functions are in a synthesis, which science created, chemically controlled. The seeds are laid out sterile on aseptic culture media; green life begins isolated from a ruinous environment. This kind of coming to life begins with an intimacy, which is unparalleled. With the usual form of sowing, we hand the seeds over to the protective earth, it usually becomes invisible – until the germ penetrates the earth and thus becomes conspicuous. It is very different with orchids; We are so close to the processes through the thin glass of the test tubes or Erlenmeyer flasks, as it cannot be more immediate.

Germination begins in the days or weeks of different lengths within the genera; the embryo swells, then the seed coat tears open, the seedling reaches the gyroscopic stage, the cotyledon appears and the rhizoids are formed. They are infinitely delicate, hair-like structures, which the independent water- and initiate food intake. Their function is replaced by the beginning of root formation, Leaves are formed, and in a period of about a year the tiny dusty seed becomes a plant of 2 or 3 cm in size.

To 12, 15 or 18 Months of cared for and protected development in the glass cradles, the transition into the free atmosphere of the glass house begins. The intimate connection to the extremely delicate plants remains. At first they are very vulnerable to the dangers of the environment. Enemies in the form of fungal or animal damage threaten their existence as well as too high or too little humidity, too much or too little heat. Individual care must protect them, must be omnipresent and supportive. Only full personal commitment leads to success. It is necessary from the beginning of the sowing and the necessary preparations up to that point in time, where the young plants appear so firmly established, that they continue to grow normally. How long this time lasts, is depending on the genus, Kind or breed different, is subject to the influences of the environment as well as those of the supervisor.

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