May - monthly work calendar

May - monthly work calendar

The ideal state of the summer months begins. Mistakes are much less possible now than at rest- and transition period. Heating is only required for species that have to be kept warm and at a temperature. When the outside temperature is favorable, more or less ventilation can be done. The supply of fresh air depends on the temperature range and the condition of the plants, especially the repotted one. After the middle of the month one can find robust species, wie Coelogyne, Bifrenaria, Odontoglossum grande, Stanhopea, Vanda tricolor u.a. an geschützte Stellen im Garten oder auf Balkons überleiten. It is now also possible to occupy small, non-heatable greenhouses. It depends on the local conditions and the general weather situation. It may be advisable to change location at the end of April / beginning of May, if drops in temperature can be countered by protective measures. Getting used to the changed lighting conditions must take place gradually. First of all, there is plenty of shade, to prevent burns to the leaves at all costs.

Cattleya/Laelia: Spray 2-3 times a day in sunny weather. Adult plants get a lot of fresh air. A favorable growth atmosphere is created by moistening paths and other surfaces in the vicinity. Laelia, at least the vigorous ones, are held a little harder than Cattleya, so get more light and air, but less warmth.

Cymbidium: You love cool ground, lots of fresh air, even bale moisture and light shade. Protected places under tree shade are an ideal stay for the warmer months of the year. In the case of prolonged periods of rain, however, glass protection is recommended.

Paphiopedilum: Hardly any other genus of orchids has such different temperature requirements. The three temperature ranges warm, tempered and cool must be observed; a generalization brings harm to one side or the other. P. insigne can be successfully kept in cold frames during the warm season - possibly in association with Coelogyne cristata and Cymbidium. However, all species in the genus need plenty of shade, a necessity, which must be taken into account by October.

Phalaenopsis: Plenty of shade as well as high temperature and humidity are prerequisites for favorable development, which is promoted by regular fertilization.

Dendrobium: Hot Section = D. phalaenopsis, D. superbiens, D. biggibum u.a. are very warm, to keep bright and evenly moist. The species from mainland Asia must be warm and humid, but need a lot of air. Both sections are to be promoted as much as possible through fertilization; Gave weekly or fortnightly, as indicated under fertilization.

K: tags +16°, at night + 13-16 ° C,

T: tags +21-27°, at night +18-21 °C,

W: during the day up to + 32 °, at night + 21-24 ° C.

Good weather periods bring an increase in the values ​​mentioned.

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