November-December - monthly work calendar

November-December - monthly work calendar. The course of the climate largely determines the treatment. It is the months with the least light; If possible, plants in the bud development phase and young plants should receive additional light; compare the repeated references elsewhere in this book. In cloudy weather and fog, the humidity should be reduced to the bare minimum. However, mild days with sunshine require a one-time spraying in the morning hours. High heat in cold weather makes it necessary to spray twice, to create a balance.

The temperature profile corresponds roughly to the following values, which can be reduced somewhat at very low outside temperatures.

K: tags +15°, at night + 13 °C,

T: tags +16-18°, at night + 16 ° C,

W: tags +21-23°, at night +21 °C.

One has to try, especially in these most difficult months for the plants, to make the environmental conditions as favorable as possible. The one-sided promotion of one of the growth factors is pointless or even harmful. The carer will only achieve long-term success if the creative forces are sensibly coordinated.

Particular attention must now be paid to pest control. Excessive warmth, Insufficient humidity and other treatment errors encourage the spread of animal pests. You can read about control in the section "Pests and Diseases".

The year ends with an inventory, the evaluation of all observations and the critical consideration of successes or failures that have occurred.

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