Orchids – Bifrenaria, Brassavola, Brassia, Bulbophyllum


Epiphyten, Brazil, Venezuela. V.: uniform moisture, lots of fresh air, slight shadow. R.: little water, no splash, hell, 1, 2a-2c.

B. harrisoniae, I/T. Brazil. Pseudobulbs ovate, vigorous. Leaves oblong elliptical, to 30 cm long, derb. Flowers with short stems, approximately 7 cm wide, yellowish, Tips reddish, Lip purple. 3-5.


Epiphyten, medium- and South America. V.: uniform moisture, air, lots of light. R.: little water, lots of light; Do not keep weak-growing species too dry. 1, 2a-2c.

B. digbyana, II / T. Honduras, Yucatan. Grew like Cattleya, single-leaved, Leaves oblong, thick-fleshed, derb, to 20 cm long. blossoms 10-12 cm wide, greenish white, Fringed lip, big, White. 5-8. Only blooms in strong light.

B. giauca, II / T. Mexico, Guatemala, Short pseudobulbs, single-leaved. Leaves about 15 cm long, derb. Flowers solitary, 8-10 cm wide, light olive green to white green. 2-3. Only blooms in strong light.

B. nodosa, II / T. Westindien, Central America. Short pseudobulbs, derb, single-leaved, Leaves subpulate, spitz, approximately 20 cm long. Flowers with short stems, greenish yellow. 9-10. Lovely little kind, lots of light. Block culture recommended (2e).

B. perrinii, II / T. Brazil. Pseudobulbs stalk-like, Leaves subpulate, to 20 cm long, turning. Flowers yellowish, Lip white. 5-6. Nice little kind, undemanding, lots of light. Block culture recommended (2e).


Epiphyten, Central South America. V.: T, partially shaded, wet, airy; R.: extended, dry – but not extreme, hell. 1, 2a-2c, Possibly. also 2g.

B. verrucosa, I/T/K. Mexico, Guatemala. Pseudobulben oval, 7-10 cm high, two-leaved, Leaves linear, 20-30 cm long. Flower stem 6-12 flowers, Flowers with narrow, long sepals and petals, Lip white. 4-6. Really nice, easy to hold type.


II/III/T/W. Extensive genus with a distribution over the tropical belt of three continents. Exclusively epiphytes of smaller growth with interesting flower formation. Block culture is recommended (2 e); Care in pots is possible, if a piece of bark is added, an dem die z. T. creeping rhizomes can grow. V.: uniform moisture, hell, airy. R.: Depending on the size and scope of the plants, more or less pronounced, however, be careful not to dehydrate too much. 1, 2a-2c.

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