The use of organic fertilizers is obvious, because it resembles the conditions in the natural location. Used wisely, this kind of additional nutrition is mild and well tolerated by the plants. In contrast, the uncontrollable or. undetectable concentration and the nutrient content, which cannot be adjusted to age and season.

The fertilizer is prepared as follows: cow- or deaf dung, Blood meal, Horn shavings are mixed with water. When the fermentation process that began after a few days has subsided, the solid components are filtered off. The remaining liquid manure is diluted with water so far, that the fertilizer has a light tea color. Poultry manure, in particular, is very rich in nitrogen; it is advisable, by adding inorganic fertilizers – approximately 1: 1000 -with predominantly phosphorus- and potash content to create a broader base.

Already in the section on moisture, the pollution of the plant material and its more rapid decomposition with organic fertilization was pointed out. These disadvantages do not apply to the use of inorganic fertilizers, at least the pollution.

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