People, who love instant success, who are without patience, are hardly suitable as orchid keepers

People, who love instant success, who are without patience, are hardly suitable as orchid keepers. Persistence in this occupation can be seen as confirmation of a particular characteristic – great patience – be valid. Everyone should get used to this, that starts with orchids, should check yourself beforehand, whether he can withstand the moral burdens of years of waiting. This has already been mentioned at the beginning, but must keep recurring in the course of general considerations.

This website is not intended to be a detailed description of orchid care alone. His goals are further set. Peripheral areas of knowledge about these plants should be mentioned, to deepen the view. Geography plays a major role in the worldwide distribution of the orchid family. The same applies in this context to the climate science of the areas populated by the genera and species. Ecology is also of interest, the doctrine of the influence of external growth factors on shape, Development and growth of the plant in its natural location. Such knowledge is subject to the widest possible range of reservations in the individual sections of this website as a basis for knowledge, Why, why and when the measures are necessary for the best development of the plants. For the plant lover, there is also general information about the communities, about the integration of the orchids into the overall vegetation of their home.

Besides these things, which concern the plants themselves, there is also a lot of other things worth knowing, what concerns them: literature, painting, graphic. The pictorial representation of orchids goes back a long way. This is proven by the pictures in old, precious orchid plants. Special specialist literature is available in many languages, more or less extensive, strictly scientific, generally understandable and to a small extent, modest parts also aesthetic. Their list would fill many pages.

Philately is a special branch of knowledge about orchids. There are many collectors, which is this area – the representation of orchids on postage stamps – specially selected. Countries all over the world issue such stamps, on which native orchids are preferably depicted more or less well. So far, photography has not been mentioned. It is undoubtedly the most important mediator in the pictorial representation of the plant in all its parts and stages of development. Was this the case with black and white photography?, so now to a much greater extent in the color reproduction developed to perfection. The possibility, all the fascinating, but to keep such transient flower beauties permanently in the picture, is so tempting, that it cannot be resisted. There are many people, who deal with it, without caring for plants yourself – they are also lovers of orchids, only in a modified form.

It follows from all of these statements, how great and extensive knowledge about orchids can be, what place these plants have conquered in our world of concepts. Many people are increasingly alienated from their direct contact with nature. rationalization, mechanization, Automation, technology in its entirety is increasingly dominating our lives. We counterbalance your stormy development by knowing the laws of all natural events, to the creative powers, to which our life is subject.

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