The choice to care for suitable orchids

1 Odontoglossum bictoniense; 2 Oncidium forbesii; 3 Catasetum pileatum; 4 board Lanceani

The choice to care for suitable orchids

The desire, To care for orchids, can have different causes. Mostly it is aesthetic motives. The beauty and character of the flowers prompt the plant lover, to turn his interest to these plants. Some are attracted by the specialty, the certain nimbus of this family of plants, perhaps also the higher value compared to more common plants. The other is attracted by the tropical distance, and he bridges this feeling by preoccupation with orchids. Orchids have recently become the hobby of many. Technology has made a significant contribution to this, which otherwise alienates many people from nature. It is possible with appropriate technical equipment, to create optimal conditions for the plants in your own home. We are only at the beginning of a development, which justifies the highest hopes. First of all, the artificial exposure should be mentioned. It is an essential factor in increasing plant growth under otherwise unfavorable conditions. Furthermore, certain temperatures are becoming easier to maintain thanks to additional electrical heating of plant windows and showcases. The necessary humidity must also be achieved in closed containers using air humidifiers. Overall, climate control via electrical devices is no longer an insoluble problem, and ultimately the plants benefit from this, if the technology is used sensibly.

This website is intended to be a guide for everyone, who deal with orchid care, so for the beginner, the advanced and the perfect lover here, of course, related to the love of orchids. It almost seems natural, that someone, which is just beginning, to put together a small collection, becomes discouraged, when he reads about so many requirements for successful nursing. But it would be irresponsible, not to point out, what effort must be expended, to achieve long-term success in nursing. In any case, one has to strive far more with orchids than with other plants. It is not an exaggeration to say, that successes in orchid care represent the culmination of horticultural efforts, for passionate gardeners as well as for professional gardeners.

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