The exterior of the orchids is almost invariably inconspicuous

The exterior of the orchids is almost invariably inconspicuous. Few species have colored leaves, otherwise the green prevails. One misses the colorfulness in them, which is characteristic of many tropical plants in terms of foliage, often with a velvety shimmering sheen or other effects beguiling the eye. Sometimes you get the impression, that the orchids save everything, only to overshadow everything with the beauty of the flowers. We know colored leaves of Phalaenopsis schilleriana, Paphiopedilum callosum, P. sukhakulii, Macodes petola, Haemaria discolor u.a. But there are few in proportion to the great variety of species. Pseudobulbs and leaves are predominantly green; occasionally brings strong exposure, if it is tolerated at all, a reddish tinge. Despite this uniformity, there is a certain attraction in observing non-flowering plants. After overcoming the initial difficulties, the orchid lover will soon be able to assess the correct condition of the plants. Unmistakably lies in the development of the roots, the new instinct and its formation justifies the prospect of future blooming. But growing alone gives satisfaction, because it confirms, that right was done. Who only seeks to bloom, will not be able to wait for the long development time. I know a lot of orchid friends, who buy smaller or smaller plants not only for financial reasons, but out of desire, to be able to experience their development for themselves. By making an effort to promote growth, through all worries and hardships they become "their" very own creatures, to whom the heart hangs.

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