The small greenhouse – part 1

The small greenhouse

The small greenhouse is the cheapest place to care for orchids. This statement is not intended to discourage the carpenter. Maintenance in the plant window or in showcases can produce equally good results. However, with every hobby there is one ultimate goal, and this is more the small greenhouse for orchids than for other plants. The main advantage is the skylight and therefore the possibility, To be able to offer the plants much more enjoyment of light than when the light falls from the side in the plant window. The larger air space is also cheaper and the temperature can therefore be regulated more easily, humidity, Air humidity and air renewal through appropriate ventilation. Overall, this means more favorable living conditions for the plants. Maintenance is easier, since there is no consideration of the room furnishings with regard to moisture. Of course, there are also disadvantages to such many advantages. It's obvious, that a small greenhouse is expensive to set up and maintain. The time required for maintenance and care is greater. This fact is of particular importance. What is neglected or neglected when looking for a small greenhouse – namely the required daily expenditure of time -, can become burdensome later. As soon as a passion has duties, it can cool down and go out very quickly. In particular, these obligations include the necessary maintenance of the heating in winter. Even if the greenhouse is connected to the hot water heating of a residential building, heating can still be problematic.
As a rule, the heating of occupied rooms is significantly reduced at night and in the early morning hours. However, this is only acceptable for the greenhouse within certain limits, must therefore be taken into account when regulating the heating system. Electric heating – ideal because it is easiest to automatically control – becomes too expensive in continuous operation and can only be considered for the transition periods or as a reserve. These considerations precede the following remarks.
There are two ways of maintenance in the small greenhouse; they are decisive for the planning and the choice of the place:
a) Housing the plants only during the warmer seasons, so about May to the end of September,
b) Permanent occupation.
In the case of temporary use, the location of the small greenhouse actually only depends on the direction of the compass. That it should be as close as possible to the apartment,is a matter of course because of the necessary care for the plants. A heating system is not necessary. It is only necessary then, when there are orchids that need very warmth, occasional periods of bad weather or strong temperature contrasts, as they often occur after a thunderstorm, can be dangerous. For orchids that need to be kept cooler, the nocturnal dew formation in the unheated glass house is a boon, which they acknowledge with joyous prosperity. It is an extensive adjustment to the conditions at the home location. The stay can be extended quite a long time. It depends on the geographic location of the place, its climate and the environment of the glass house. In a beautiful and mild autumn, the plants can stay in the unheated house until the end of October. It's just required, adjust the humidity and ventilation to the then relatively cool atmosphere, so keep it dry rather than too wet.

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