The windowsill - part 2

The plants are directly under the influence of the living environment; so the number of suitable species must remain limited. Theoretically it can be assumed, that especially orchids from areas with moderate humidity find favorable conditions. However, these species are subject to an extended dormancy period at relatively low temperatures. Such demands are in contrast to the conditions of an occupied room, that in winter – so in the resting time of the plants – Has average temperatures of + 20 ° C. Even if the temperatures in the immediate vicinity of the window are a little lower, would be an accommodation in a cooler room of about + 12° C required. In this case, the heat is the determining factor. With the usual ventilation of a room by opening the window, the plants must be protected from direct drafts. It can be pernicious, especially at low outside temperatures. With orchids in the room, the curtains can be problematic. The housewife will hardly want to part with them, although they are a hindrance to the care of the plants. In any case, they are to be regarded as a temperature brake, which must have a negative effect. However, shielding excessively high room heat can also have certain advantages at times, if the plants are to be kept cooler or in dormant time.

Additional exposure to fluorescent tubes promotes growth significantly. For many orchids it is it that enables them to thrive in the room. The requirements for installation and use are the same as for plant windows and are described in detail there.

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