The size of the vessels – whether pots, Bowls or slatted baskets – should be so measured, that the plant has enough space for a year or two, develop normally. Avoid too large vessels, because this is by no means to promote a favorable development, but rather to inhibit.

Pots and bowls are filled up to a third of their height with clean pot shards, to ensure good drainage. The bottoms of slatted baskets are covered with larger, flat pot shards. Glass strips are also to be used, but less recommendable because of the impermeability.

The cleaned front part of sympodial growing orchids – as already described with 3-5 Bulben – is now carefully surrounded with plant material in its root region and all gaps are filled. Then you put the plant with the resulting loose ball in the prepared new container. It should be noted, that the oldest bulb is pressed against the edge of the pot and thus the leading shoot – So the one that grew in the previous year, first the youngest bulb – is located approximately in the middle of the vessel. This is especially important, so that the following shoots have enough space. Now the planting material is refilled on all sides and tamped with a planting wood, namely inwards, so that no cavities arise. With very coarse, Leave a watering rim for slightly drying plant material, d.h., the material closes 1-2 cm below the edge of the pot. It has to be planted so firmly, that the plant has enough hold, until it anchors itself through the formation of roots. The natural decomposition process of the plant material loosens it over time, which must be counteracted from the beginning by appropriately firm tamping.

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