Plants with monopodial growth - like Vanda, Renanthera, Phalaenopsis u.a. – come to stand in the middle of the planter, because they are not in breadth, but only grow upwards. With Paphiopedilum, people like to cover the surface with living sphagnum heads after repotting, which continue to grow with perfect water quality and contribute significantly to the good development of the plants.

After transplanting, the plants require special attention. The possibly injured roots do not tolerate high levels of moisture. So you pour 2-3 Weeks not, but only ensures high humidity through frequent spraying, provides plenty of shade and a higher temperature than the respective species otherwise. These environmental conditions promote the formation of new roots. As it increases, the plants are gradually returned to their usual proportions. Paphiopedilum receive water earlier; you start spraying to a greater extent very soon after transplanting.

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