The block culture has already been referred to. It just remains, still to explain the assembly.

For various reasons, a certain proportion of the size of the base and the plant must be maintained. Outweighs the girth of the plant, there are difficulties due to excessive dehydration. Because if the wood- or piece of bark is also dead material, it regulates the water balance. If you place a small plant on a base that is too large, so the aesthetic effect suffers. When choosing the wood or the bark, of course, any increment must also be taken into account, which can be quite different depending on the genus or species.

It is recommended when editing, to surround the roots with planting material, Then bring the plant in a suitable position on the base and put on some more planting material. The whole thing is then fastened in this way with rustproof wire, that loosening is impossible. As new roots develop, the plant anchors itself, by connecting the roots firmly to the substrate.

Further treatment does not differ from the usual type of care in pots or baskets. Only the need for moisture is greater; the freely hanging pieces dry out more. Frequent spraying is required, also diving at time intervals, which are differentiated according to the environmental conditions. Fertilization is even more important than with pot culture – at least of the more strongly growing species – required. However, caution is advised with dwarf orchids; they are extremely frugal and get by without any fertilization, when the water quality is favorable.

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