What are orchids?

1 Calanthe low; 2Pleione hookeriana; 3Dendrobium gibsonii; 4 Dendrobium devonianum; 5 Pleurothallis species; 6 Keffersteiniana mystacina

What are orchids?

Although this website is essentially intended to be a guide to successful orchid care in your own home, knowledge of the most important botanical terms is essential. In some things it is even a necessary prerequisite for success. The orchids occupy the following position in the plant system: Department: Angiospermae, More covered; 1.class: Monocotyledonae, Monocot; 11. line: Microspermae; 2.Sub-row: Gynandrae; family: Orchidaceae.

The orchid family includes 15000-20000 species, for a newer version up to 35000, these numbers have become a scientific issue as to their accuracy. The very significant difference can be explained by various causes, which shall not be discussed here. Overall, an exact definition cannot be made possible; a fact, which will not change much in the future either, because new species are constantly being discovered and described. The shape of the flowers is decisive for the integration of plants in the system, Fruits and seeds.

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