Cattleya Orchids bright

Cattleya Orchids bright

Orchids next to cacti are not only available in flower shops, but also in the wild, in the natural location. So lives e.g.. our Oncidium splendidum in its Hondurian homeland in the midst of an extremely prickly society,

Between waiting- and columnar cacti, Agaven and Aechmeen. Deviating from the generic standard, this species does not occur here on trees, but mostly populated steeply sloping rocky scree slopes in the river area of ​​the Choluteca.

O. Splendidum now has similarly sophisticated devices for reducing perspiration as its scratchy neighbors, adapted to the harsh living conditions at the place of growth, the cacti: thick cuticle, Storage tissue (in leaf and bulb), diurnal acid rhythm.

The up 30 cm long, stiff leaves are surmounted by robust inflorescences at the end of the year, who will soon be with 9 to 20 relatively large, decorate violet-scented flowers. Because the Hondurians in the brown-spotted, radiant petals the sun, in the mighty, yellow labellum, on the other hand, see the night star embodied, they gave this eye-catching plant the sonorous and apt name "Sol y Luna".

It's understandable, that this luxurious kind – especially since their flowers keep for a relatively long time – has become a popular cut orchid.

In addition to our O. splendidum are used for editing purposes, among others. the following types are still suitable:

O. bicallosum, O.crispum, O.divaricatum, O.flexuosum, O.for-besii, O.incurvum, O. leucochilum, O.pulvinatum, O.varicosum.

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