15 Dendrobium nobile LDL.: Bulbs relatively long and slender, consisting of several stem members (mehrgliedrig).

16 Cymbidium attractive SM.: Bulbs much shorter and thicker than in D. noble, also multi-link.

17 Dendrobium findleyanum PARISH and RCHB.: The individual club-shaped stem members are clearly separated from one another.

18 Pholidota conchoidea LDL.: Bulbs each consisting of a single thickened stem member (one-limbed), ovoid.

19 Coelogyne ovalis LDL.: Bulbs one-part, ellipsoidförmig.

20 Oncidium flexuosum SIMS: Bulbs one-part, flattened.

21 Caularthron bicornutum (HOOK.) RAF.: Bulben mehrgliedrig, hollow. Through the opening at the base of the bulb (visible at the left bulb) the ants get into "their apartment".

22 Dinema polybulbon (SW.) LDL.: Example of small bulbs.

23 Maxillaria vitelliniflora RODRIG.: In addition to the small bulbs, note the delicate ones, wiry leaves.

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