Orchid fruits: drawn by J. G. Beer. Out: J.G.Beer, "Contributions to the morphology and biology of the orchid family", Wien 1863.

Only the names of those species are listed here, of which we also have flower illustrations in our book.

2. Sobralia macrantha LDL. (Fruit closed)

15. Sobralia macrantha LDL. (Fruit opened)

11. Laelia LDL.

17. Vanilla planifolia ANDR. (Fruit opened)

18. Vanilla planifolia ANDR. (Fruit closed)

Vanilla planifolia ANDR.

Most orchids are praised for their beautiful flowers – vanilla is famous for its fruits. Therefore it was only mentioned briefly in the main part. Here some information about this most important cultivated plant among the orchids should be made up:
Mexico is given as the home of this root-climbing vine, however, they are now grown in almost all areas of the tropics. Outside their natural range, pollination must be carried out by human hands, since the pollinating insects are usually missing here. When the yellow color begins, the up 30 cm long, slim capsule fruits ("Shots") subjected to a fermentation process, the vanillin crystallizes out and the fruits take on a black color. Aromatic resins give the natural product its special note, therefore it is still more popular as a spice than the synthetically produced vanillin.


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