Orchid aspasia moon

Orchid aspasia moon

Our Aspasia lunata does not belong to the “orchid elite”, but it is not without charm either.

Medium size only, but their flowers are full of joyful color contrasts, which enliven the monotonous green of the leaves between April and May. The 2 cm long, narrow – lanceolate, Greenish sepals and fetuses are gelled by purple-brown spots to about the middle, the violin-shaped lip

the juxtaposition of purple and white. At the bottom the labellum has slightly thickened veins. Overall, the flowers are relatively coarse. They sit alone or in pairs 8 cm long shaft, that of the tongue-shaped – pointed leaves are clearly surmounted.

In the middle of the last century Aspasia lunata was "one of the most common garden orchids", today this fragrant flower does not seem to be so common in collectors' collections. Heinrich Gustav Reichenbach accepts, that this species was discovered by Michael Etienne von Descourtilz, of them in Brazil on Cedrela trees (Meliaceat) found. Also the 8 other species belonging to the genus Aspasia are widespread in the Neotropics.

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