Orchid Gongora quinquenervis

Orchid Gongora quinquenervis

No other part of the orchid blossom appears to us in such diversity as the labellum.

There are boys, peel-, napf-, gutter, trumpet- or slipper-shaped structures, spur-bearing or spurless lips, such, their surface with combs, Calluses and waiting busy or completely smooth, Whole-edged shapes or lips with fringed, ripped or curled edge.

Only a few of the numerous possible modifications of this one petal can be hinted at here.

From the simple, The undivided labellum leads us first to the more or less extensive one, dreilappigen Lippe (see. Oncidium kramerianum). When you introduce yourself, that the side flaps straighten up at right angles, thus one arrives at the conditions of the genus Coelogyne (see. C.massangeana, C.flaccida). The side lobes butt against each other with their upper edges, then a tube or from the gutter. bag (see. Laelia, L. crispa, Cattleya citrina). While the tubular section of the labellum in Laelia crispa is relatively short, in Cattleya forbesii, for example, it covers almost the entire lip.

Quite an extraordinary one, Our Gongora has a bizarre labellum. This bright petal is clearly divided into two sections: the one equipped with two dainty croissants, folded Hypochil and the end section ending in a point, the epichil. Seen as a whole, the flower structure of Gongora quinquenervis deviates completely from the norm. The long hanging one, narrow middle sepalum, but also the two much shorter lateral fetals are in places with the club, fused spotted pillars.

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