Orchid Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana

Orchid Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana

Do you know the "First Lady" of the Phalaenopsis hybrids? “Star of Rio” is her name. It comes from a happy marriage of Phalaenopsis lueddemanniana with Ph. aphrodite. This marriage was carried out by the Würzburg orchidologist Prof. Dr. H. Burgeff. Since repetitions of this hybridization have so far been unsuccessful, the descendants of the successful crossing experiment are currently still very popular.

The parents of this mongrel reside in the Philippines- Already 1864 trat Ph. lueddemanniana – shown opposite – from here on their long voyage to Europe. It soon made its way from England to France, where it opened its flowers for the first time in the greenhouses of the Parisian plant breeder Lueddemann, far from home. The then director of the Hamburg Botanical Garden took the hitherto nameless one, H. G. Reichenbach, on and raised them 1865 in honor of her successful French cultivator as Ph. lueddemanniana from baptism.

Our kind owns 5 to 8 cm width, to 25 cm long leaves. Your shaft carries a few in a loose arrangement, just 4 to 5 cm large flowers, those according to their actual pile – similar to that of Pseuderia pauciflora – green.

Occasionally, Ph. lueddemanniana quite a foolish game; because instead of flowers, young plants develop on their inflorescence axes, an appearance, not only found with some orchids, but also in some species of the aquatic plant genus Echinodorus.

It is interesting, that Ph. lueddemanniana similar to the aforementioned Dendrobium nobile in the cell sap of its flowers, Leaves and stems keep poison hidden. Alkaloids could do the same in some Catasetum arcs, in starry Eria, Vanda tricolor and Cirrhopetalum cornutum have been proven.

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