Orchidee Laelia rubescens

Orchidee Laelia rubescens

Our Laelia rubescens loves variety; this is offered to her in the Central American savannahs, where the wetter season is followed by a period of drought. During the period of dormancy, when the leaves of the trees and bushes wither and everything around withers, the graceful orchid throws itself into its tinsel and enlivens the monotonous image of the lethargy landscape with its white to violet-pink flowers.

In the development of such a luxury, the water stored in the bulbs during the rainy season comes in handy. This one 4 grows up to far away large tubers next to a single one, elongated sheet the up 25 cm high, 5 to 9 Flower bearing inflorescence.

Laelia rubescens has the right to live on the calabash tree (Crescentia alata and C. cujetc – Bignoniengewächse, Bignoniaceae), the wood of character of this savannah, acquired, whose stocks they often populate en masse. By the way, the host plants of our Laelia have become known as a result, that in the tropics one can get out of the hard shell of their large round fruits, which arise from stem-borne flowers, Manufactures spoons and vessels. Occasionally the “flute player” takes a seat among the orchids on the calabash trees next to Laelia rubescens; Schomburgkia tibicinis (years. piper, Flute player).

When the wind is in her up 30 cm long, caves, caught at the bottom with a hole provided bulb, then he creates strange tones on this “orchid flute”. That may well have moved the natives to do so too, to make musical instruments from these parts of the plant.

It should also be mentioned, that the musical neighbor of our Laelia shelters big ants in her bulbs.

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