Orchids Cattleya Trianae

Orchids Cattleya Trianae

The orchid of the orchids, most splendid clan among 20000 species – this is Cattleya! So who could blame the layman for it?, that he thinks of Cattleyen, when talking about orchids? Our species is equally valued in its homeland; because e.g.. in Venezuela they are the "Orquideas", all other orchids, however, "only" "Parasitos".

Indeed, its large blooms were endowed with baroque extravagance by nature. With regard to the variety of their colors, the pure species are surpassed by the great number of hybrids. “In every conceivable shade and depth, all colors are bred through, there are pure white flowers with a yellow throat, more elegant hardly conceivable, pink in every shade, from the most delicate touch to dark pink, purple to purple brown, yellow from the garden primrose- and creamy yellow to the deepest tones in this color. "

In the year 1927 stood the 40 natural species already 1000 Versus hybrids.

The area of ​​our genus extends from Mexico to the southernmost tip of Brazil. There are two species of Cattleya in Costa Rica and Venezuela, known as "Flor de San Sebastian" C. skinneri and C. mossiae, receive special appreciation, by making it the national flower. The homeland of the Cattleya trianae pictured opposite is Colombia, where they are on watercourses, sometimes also in drier areas, as an epiphyte on trees, but also occurs on rocks.

The 15 to 18 cm large flowers, of which one only 2 or 3 found on a shaft, show our species numerous color variations. One of these forms of C. trianae became around the turn of the century with the "trifle" of 600 Guineas paid. Is still worth knowing, that the species was named after the Colombian botanist Jose M. Triana, their discoverer, the genus was named in honor of the English gardener and botanist William Cattley.

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