Orchideen Cochleanthes discolor

Orchideen Cochleanthes discolor

With their 17 Species, our genus is distributed from Guatemala to Peru; some species are also found in Brazil. They are all epiphytically growing orchids without clearly developed bulbs. Cochleanthes discolor ist in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama and at home in Cuba too; from Kostarika she is living in cloud forests in heights between 1700 and 2000 m specified.

The plant has a number of elongated-lanceolate in a two-line arrangement, more pointed in front, annoying leaves, the one length up to 25 cm. One about 6 cm large single flower adorns the upright, to 12 cm long shaft. The elongated falls are ivory white; the side, knocked down backwards, Often show a curling of their edges. Also yellowish white, but on the inside of a delicate purple tint, are the wider ones, upright, petals turned at their tips.

The eye-catcher of the fairly wide, The two folded up side lobes and a golden yellow lip form a concave lip, multi-toothed callus, which lies on the bottom of the labellum like a precious brooch. The dark purple color of the inside of the lips brightens towards the edge, where it turns whitish.

So all in all a delightful orchid, which is also often cultivated.

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