Orchideen Odontoglossum rossii

Orchideen Odontoglossum rossii

The 1815 by Humboldt, Bonpland and Kunth established genus Odontoglossum inhabited with their 80 to 90 Species higher mountain ranges in tropical-subtropical America, a larger number of them giving preference to the Colombian mountains. Some types, however, a number of hybrids have also established themselves as cut flowers. Our Mexican O. rossii, on the other hand, is next to O.grande, O.pulchellum, Lycaste skinneri,

L. aromatic, Coelogyne cristata and Brassia verrucosa one of the most grateful room orchids.

If you want to call such a gem your own, so it is recommended – because no master has fallen from heaven when it comes to orchid care -, on the one hand to study the relevant literature, on the other hand, an experienced orchid lover for advice to Riehen. But you should go one step further and become a member of the orchid society or. of the specialist groups or interest groups for orchids in his country. Specialists in particular areas of orchid science and culture are available to advise those interested, for example for botanical orchids, native orchids, Hybrids and crossbreeds as well as for room culture and flower windows. Appear in the countries at certain time intervals, in which there are larger orchid societies, illustrated magazines, in which, in addition to scientific problems, questions of orchid culture are dealt with, but also interesting travel reports are communicated.

The real life of these associations takes place in the regional groups. Excursions await the orchid lover here, Visits to collections, Photo presentations and, last but not least, people who are enthusiastic about orchids, who find relaxation by participating in the growth and becoming of their caregivers and draw new strength for everyday life.

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