Orchideen Vanda Coerulea

Orchideen Vanda Coerulea

It is the custom in Hawaii, the guests on arrival and departure, be it at the airfield or at the pier, to decorate with an orchid flower necklace. For a European, who is used to, In the flower shops of his homeland, one single orchid bloom paid quite considerable prices, certainly an unforgettable moment.

Now the traveler leaves Hawaii by ship, so he throws goodbye in the area of ​​the diamond-head, a rock cone that slopes steeply into the sea, his flower chain overboard – full of longing hope, that she may be washed back to the bank; because that would promise him a reunion with these dream islands. Original-hawaiische Blumenketten, Called "Leis", are tied from magnificent Vanda flowers. The heavenly blessing of flowers, which is required for this, unfolds in the large domestic orchid farms. After all, the Hawaiian Islands and Singapore are likely to be the main producers of Vanda cut flowers.

The area of ​​about 45 Species comprehensive genus Vanda ranges from the Indian suburbs to New Guinea. Those in the foothills of the Himalayas, in den Khasia-Mountains, Vanda coerulea, widespread in Burma and northern Thailand, prefers mountain locations between 1000 and 1300 m and settles mainly on low, sparsely leafy oak trees. Your location is relatively cool, humid and windy; near the ground even hoarfrost can form on cold nights, but it disappears again shortly after sunrise. Vanda coerulea was employed by the one in India as a doctor, William Griffith was born in Surrey, England 1837 on Gordonia trees (Tea plants, Theaceae) in oak- and pine forests of the Khasia Mountains 1847 described. This species came to England through the collector Thomas Lobb, where she for the first time to the delight of British horticultural celebrities 1850 her blue blossoms unfolded.

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