Orchid Chysis bractescens

Orchid Chysis bractescens

Anyone who travels through Central America as a plant lover, shouldn't miss it, admire the "hanging gardens of the Chysis"! However, we are not dealing with one of the seven wonders of the world, but with an interesting orchid, which deal with their entire plant body – only attached to the substrate by a network of fiber roots – can hang upside down from the branches of their host tree. It is true that the young shoots of our Chysis strive (Hanging orchids) like that of most orchids also towards the light, are however due to the preponderance of the long spindle-shaped, fleshy bulbs soon forced into a downward position.

The most beautiful of the genus that only includes a few species is probably Chysis bractescens, which one in the Tierra caliente of Mexico, so in the lowest, hot climate level, at 600 m height.

Your big, fragrant flowers are ivory with yellow inside, red lip. When faced with them, one thinks to look into the open mouth of the predator. This impression is mainly caused by the "row of teeth" of the "lower jaw" of the pillars, Middle lobes and erect side lobes of formed "mouths"; however these are 5 Teeth actually taken in front view, fleshy longitudinal ridges.

3 to 8 this decorative, to 8 cm wide flowers are to one at most 12 cm long grape united, which is in the pile between March and April. The pointed oval ones, multi-ribbed leaves are shed in the dry season.

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