Orchids illustrations – 16 century – part 2

Out: Hieronymus Bock: „(New) Kreüter book ". Strasbourg 1546.

Already Hieronymus Bock, who was by no means a parlor scholar, On his hikes through the native nature, the nest root was noticed as an extraordinary plant. Alluding to their "leaflessness" and wood color, he calls her a flawed and lazy plant. This orchid with its nest-like roots is by the still very young Strasbourg artist David Kandel, to which the woodcuts of the herb book go back, has been reproduced quite faithfully.

It is also interesting to note that Bocks is the eighth sex, that the fruit capsules of the orchids only contain fine powdered dust, but which he did not interpret as a seed. Rather, he takes the strange view elsewhere, that young orchid plants from animal seeds, e.g. that of the blackbirds and thrushes, emerge – a thoroughly forgivable mistake, considering the complexity of the germination processes in orchids.

Explanations of words:

Gilgen – Lilies Gilgen lilies
Holwurtz – Lerchensporn (Corydalis cava)
Aron – Aronstab (DA macula)
Zaselen – Fasern, fibrous roots
Satyrion – general term for orchids at Bock
drauschelicht – büschelig
bird – Bird with outspread wings
almuten – Triften
Vchtblume – Herbstzeitlose (Colchicum autumnale)
protection – fasrig
written – oben beschriebener
disability – Fehler, defect, Ailments
Through growth – Zweiblatt (Listera ovata)

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