Orchids Illustrations - 17 Century - part 1

Out: Michael Bernhard Valentini (1657-1713 or 1729): "The garden is reformed, or vegetable kingdom. This is: New and complete herbal book…“. Frankfurt a.M. 1719.

The Giessen professor borrowed Valentini to illustrate his herbal book, High Princely Hesse-Darmstadt personal medic, numerous pictures of plants, including this representation of orchids, the 1646 published emblem book by Matthaeus Merians : “The Fruitful Society Takes, project, Paintings and words ". The latter contains 400 Copper engravings, most of which go back to Merian himself. The well-known copperplate engraver has mastered these emblems, the plant on the background of a lovely landscape with its cities, Bringing villages and castles to life.

Our orchid is evidently a forest hyacinth, a species of Platanthera, which at that time was still under the name Orchis. Between May and July you come across these whitish blooming herbs in meadows, in bushes and forests – in the lowlands, but also at higher altitudes.

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