Orchids Illustrations - 18 century

Out: Nicolaus Joseph by Jacquin (born. 1727 initiate, gest. 1817 in Vienna): "Selector roots of American history". Wien 1763.

Jacquin, who was a native of the Netherlands, worked as a professor of botany in Vienna, where he also comes from 1759 Was director of the university garden. Already 1754 he had the opportunity, to undertake an extensive collective expedition to the American tropics. Kaiser Franz I. had him among other things. instructed, Bringing living plants and animals for the menagerie and the newly established garden in Schönbrunn. He published the results of his five-year journey in the above-mentioned work. The 183 copper engravings contained therein – 12 of them represent orchids – Most of the drawings he made during the trip served as a template. This book, that made him widely famous, other botanical splendid works followed. “With her soberly clear, economical yet elegant illustrations, they represent the most beautiful monument of the golden age of Austrian botany…“The orchid presented here is Oncidium altissimum SW. The slightly overhanging flower stem of this species with its short, protruding, Little-flowered branches can be the considerable length of 1,50 m reach. The leaves are about 25 to 30 cm long, die Bulben 5 to 7 cm high. The fiddle-shaped lip is yellow with a brown center, the lanceolate tips, wavy falls and petals have brown spots on a yellow background.

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