Orchids Illustrations - 19 century

Out: Nathanael Wallich (born. 1786 in Copenhagen, gest. 1854 in London.): "Plants are rare Asiatic; or descriptions and figures of a select number of unpublished East Indian plants“. London 1831.

On our short stroll through the hundreds of thousands we have so far looked at woodcuts and copperplate engravings of orchids. Here we have a lithograph, the youngest of the three printing techniques, infront of us.

The orchid, which she represents, Phaius wallichii LDL., bears the name of a man, whom we already got to know as the discoverer of Dendrobium fimbriatum and author of Dendrobium densiflorum. Wallich, who has traveled to India as a plant collector, described rare Asian plants in a magnificently illustrated work, including some orchids.

In Ceylon and India, Phaius wallichii comes “in open, grassy terrain of the hot, damp valleys ”as well as“ on humus-covered rocks under shady trees ”.


Fig. 1: a dissected flower

Fig. 2: Top of the pillar

Fig. 3: Anthers with pollen masses

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