Orchid Laelia anceps

Orchid Laelia anceps

The one with about 35 Species from northern Central America to southern Brazil distributed genus Laelia is alone with 11 Species represented in Mexico. To get over one of them, our photo model, To find out more, we want on this page F. Bussler, an orchid friend from Orizaba, have their say:

“One of the most beautiful orchids in Mexico is Laelia anceps. This orchid thrives best around Orizaba, d.h. 1200 m above sea level. It grows epiphytically in the branches of the large trees, but I have also found them growing terrestrially on bare rocks. She always draws a little shady, but airy position in front of the sun. Depending on the hotter or colder location, the appearance of the bulbs and leaves changes, so that the plants from the lower and warmer regions have longer and narrower bulbs and leaves, while those from the higher areas are smaller, but are stronger and fresher.

The flowering time here is from the end of August to the end of December, and it is a ripening sight, the pretty big ones, on the delicate stems swaying flowers through the dark tangle of branches, Bromeliad and ferns glow. The white varieties stand out even more, which are quite rare, especially since the Indians and orchid collectors already knew how to appreciate their value.

The main flaw, which is made in the cultivation of this plant in the greenhouses, is the, that they are usually kept too warm. Especially during the flowering period and in the following period, the temperature often drops up to 4 up to 6 ° C. It can tolerate a good part of water, but always with a good trigger, and it's better, to give it the moisture in vapor form, since the mountains are shrouded in fog almost every evening. "

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