24 Cattleya, according to L.: Aerial roots.

25 Ansellia africana LDL.: Nest roots.

26 Cyrtopodium speckled (L.) LDL.: Nest roots (Plant from its natural location: Because).

27 Doritis taenialis BENTH. et HOOK.: In this species, the roots have completely taken over the task of the leaves. Foliage leaves are only developed when young (see. also Taeniophyllum) (Location survey: Sikkim-Himalaja).

28 Orchis purpurea HUDS.: Storage roots (Root tubers; Photo: 17.1.1966). Already in autumn (our example: 1965) a new tuber begins to form on each plant, which will grow stronger over the next year, but only in the following (1967) is consumed. For the next year (1966) The storage substances of the large tuber are available to the plant, the fall 1964 was formed. to disposal. This then perishes in summer.

29 Macodes petola (BL.) LDL.: An orchid with inconspicuous flowers, but magnificently drawn leaves.

30 Dendrobium acinaciforme ROXB.: riding leaves.

31 Brassavola nodosa (L.) LDL.: leaves almost round petioles.

32 Orchis ustulata L.: Winter leaves (Location survey; Photo: February 1965).

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