Vanda tricolor orchids

Vanda tricolor orchids

The genus Vanda is of great horticultural importance; because it presents valuable cut flower species as well as interesting species for the enthusiast. The often considerable size as well as the elegant shape and color of their flowers prompt the breeders again and again, potentiate the beauty of the Vanda pile through hybridization. Here, as with other orchid hybrids, we have hybrids between species (Cross product of two different species of the same genus) and generic hybrids (plant resulting from the crossing of two individuals of different genera) distinguish.

The first Vanda hybrid emerged 1893 in Singapore between V. hookeriana and V. teres and was named in honor of her cultivator Vanda Miss Joaquim. From here the well-behaved mongrel stepped, favored by the simple and rapid vegetative propagation, its triumphal march to the Hawaiian Islands and the USA. Even today, Vanda Miss Joaquim is one of the most popular cut flowers there.

To 1925 were total 6 Species bastards described by Vanda, of which we only want to single out Vanda Gilbert Triboulet, because in their synthesis the species V known to us. coerulea und V. tricolor are involved.

In the period that followed, Vanden cultivation was carried out by the botanist Prof. Dr.W, who worked in Munich. Küpper received substantial funding.

Recently, the center of Vanden breeding has shifted from Munich to the Hawaiian Islands, which are more climatically located. From here are among others. some two- and three generic hybrids with Vanda “blood” became known (Opisandra = Vanda x Vandopsis; Vando-finetia - Vanda x Neofinetia; Vandoritis = x Vanda Doritis; Phalaerianda = Aerides x Phalaenopsis x Vanda).

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